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M16510 Komioh 165cm Мужская секс-кукла

KM-TSDM16510- Delivered from China
Кукла Komioh - прямая продажа с фабрики - реалистичная секс-кукла с металлическим каркасом в полный рост
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  • Цвет кожи:
    No Change
  • Цвет глаз:
    No Change
  • Вариант головы:
    KM15 (Silicone head with wig)
  • размер пениса:
    L15*3cm (Fixed Dildo)
    L15*3cm (Eletric Removable Dildo +50usd)
  • Вариант плеч:
    Normal Shoulders
    Shrugging Shoulders (+40usd)
  • Вариант волос на груди:
    No Chest Hair
    With Chest Hair(+30usd)
  • Вариант Волос Подмышки:
    No Armpit Hair
    With Armpit Hair(+30usd)
  • Вариант ног:
    No Standable
  • Вариант общественных волос:
    No Public Hair
    With Light Public Hair(+20usd)
    With Extra Public Hair(+30usd)
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  • Описание
  • Отзывы
Место происхождения: Guangdong, China Имя бренда: KOMIOH Материал: Полное тело TPE Рост: 165cm Бюст / Талия / Размер бедер: 76/65/81cm Функция: Ass, Dildo Sex Нетто: 37kg Вес упаковки: 45kg Размер упаковки: 159*47*27cm Время выполнения: в течение 5 дней после получения оплаты

Please Note: This 165cm male dolld can be with Electric Removable dildo (+50usd)  

As for What is Electric Removable Dildo, please check below video


After you pay, normally within 5 days, the doll can be ready and we will show you photos and video to confirm before we ship! 



1) Are you manufacturer or trading company?

- We are professional manufacturer in Shenzhen, China over 9 years. 

2) What is the MOQ? Can I mix different models?
- 1 pcs for our own available models and yes, you can mix different models. 

3) What is lead time?
- After you pay, within 5 days, the order can be ready and we will show you photos and video to confirm before we ship. 

4) Can I have logo on products or packing?
- For orders over 100pcs, we can print your logo on products For orders over 200pcs, we can customize packing for you.

5) Can you customize doll according to my requirement?
- Yes, only 1 doll, we can customize for you just need you pay for customize fees. 

6) Can i resell your sex dolls?
- We can supply dropship service for you - supply you photos to advertise. Welcome to resell our dolls.  

7) Are the materials safe? Any test for them??
- Yes, they are. All products are made of medical-grade, non-toxic and free-phthalate material complied with international health standards and certified CE, RoHS.  

8) How do you guarantee quality?
1. Due to it's personal products, we don't accept any return except quality problems.
2. Before shipping, we will send you pictures and video of orders for approval. After you receive the parcel, you should check it. If quality has problem, we will make it up for you.

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